Innisfil's 3rd Annual Light It Up Contest

Jennifer Richardson from Connecting Innisfil (as well as the newly elected ward three councillor) reached out to President Tim and asked him to be one of the panel of judges for this event, which is now in its third year.
The amount of choice was spectacular, making this a super hard decision.  From super elegance to super colourful, you can see the level of imagination that all of the participants put into their homes.  There were fifty five entries this year, spread out around most of the town.
On Saturday, December 17th - Tim was very proud to present the Rotary choice award to the Gilford based family.
Great work to Jennifer, the homeowners who participated and all of the judges involved.
One thing to note that it was delightful to see so many designs by people who didn't even enter the contest! The holiday spirit is certainly alive in Innsfil.
You can read more here.