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In new windowThe month of pumpkin pie and apple crumble is upon us!
What greater way to welcome it in than the official trail ribbon cutting ceremony!



Our rotary dignitaries were welcomed throughout September, and I am sure everyone had an opportunity to learn from these tenured leaders!

DG Margaret Walton spoke of her interesting background and invigorating vision for the new year!

For October we are welcoming guest speakers from our own committees and you are encouraged to hear them present their ideals and goals - who knows, you may find your path! 
Sponsorship committee: October 19th
Membership committee: November 2nd

We encourage you to join us and learn more about these committees and how they form a foundation essential to all the events we run as Rotarians. 

Also in October, we will be hearing from Gilda's Club Simcoe Muskoka.

This unique organisation ensures that a cancer patient or survivor can find their new "normal", and when it seems that everyone is touched by cancer in some way, this promises to be inspiring!

Lastly, here are a few highlights from September!

Rotarians & Firefighters:
Rotarians and Police - 
Be aware and know that human trafficking happens around us too!
Rotarians and Librarians:
We are totally awesome! Join one of our meetings and see for yourself!
Wednesdays from 7:30am to 8:30am at the Innsifil Library, Innisfil Beach Road.